OSMC with tight VNC problem. Grey screen error

I followed every instruction available and finally have VNC at lest sort of working. I can now connect to the host. It gives me a greyed old-school looking screen with a long error message about no Xsession, no (etc., I cant remember it all). My best guess is that it has to do with user accounts as the online instructions ave different usernames than the OSMC I log in to the gui with. Please help. I am a noob with Pi2 and am lucky to get this far. I really don’t understand the main user structure very well, but just really want vnc working to run Pandora headless from a different floor of my house…

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Bumping because this is the second post I’ve made with no replies at all. Is this just not possible? Am I missing something?

Searching this forum with “vnc” as your search term provides quite a bit of info re: status of VNC in OSMC. TightVNC is probably not gonna work on a system that doesn’t run x11 window manager.

If your only intention is to run a headless music server, you are a bit outside of the scope of OSMC. It wasn’t designed to be headless, the intention is to control the system with the GUI provided by Kodi.

If all you want is a music server, why aren’t you looking at something like Volumio or similar?

Alternatively, using Pandoki addon installed to Kodi seems to work while being controlled headlessly with Yatse from my Android device.

At a guess, there are no replies because there isn’t enough to go on.
Since I have no relevant experience (last tried VNC some decades ago in a vastly different environment), I suggest you search out VNC in this forum and others for some clue.
Later: it occurs to me that VNC is only a way of working with an X type of system. Unlike lots of linux distros, there is no X in OSMC.

Ahh - someone beat me to the real point.

@paynemic, if you follow the instructions in the discussion from [HowTo] Install a vnc server on Raspberry pi under OSMC - Alpha 4
And then use “TightVNC Viewer version 1.3.9” you should be successful. If you still have issues you would need to run some debugging and provide the logs on both client and server. But also as others wrote VNC only makes sense for certain tasks, run Pandora headless might be better done differently than VNC on OSMC

Thanks to all who posted. Sorry there isn’t much to go on as I really am a noob at all this. I really did give searching and working on my own a go before I posted. I see some options I might work with and I will try them. I do think the X is the point because all the errors seem to have a capital X in them (ie. no Xsession…). But I don’t even know what that means, so I’ll do more homework.

I’ll investigate the other options in some of the posts.

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