OSMC won't boot from SSD disc

I want to install OSMC on external hard drive (without sd card), but the installation always fails.

Instalation failed: could noy mount boofs

Is it possible to install OSMC on HDD (without sd card) ?

You have to have an SD card to hold the boot config information. The installation should work fine on an SSD (self powered or via a powered USB hub). It probably will not work well connected directly to the Pi.

Yes it is. Please have a look here:

I use this to write the images directly to the boot device:

I use a cheap usb3-disk adapter to run my pi3+ without any sd card. Using the Original Rasberry Pi power adapter and a 120gb/2.5" ssd works fine. The larger and older your drive is, it will be more power hungry. Hdds also need more power than ssds. 3.5" drives will not work without external power.

ok bootmodes isnt officially supported might give you issues, works fine for rasbian but this isnt that.

you just need any old crappy sd card in the pi just for the FAT partition, then point to the SSD in cmdline.txt, and in /etc/fstab…ive been using this method for years.

Oops. Sorry. I thought osmc was based on Raspbian.

Common misconception, its based on debian and its minimal so dont expect standard behavior allthough getting bootmodes to work would be nice.

ping @sam_nazarko are there any plans for bootmodes ?

You can already boot from a USB drive, but the boot partition needs to be stored on an SD card.



@sam_nazarko we know that not, its not that we are wondering about with rpi bootmodes you can boot without an sd card at all plugged into the device, sure booting with an sd card isnt that hard but it would be nice not relying on sd card at all


I don’t have any plans to support this.

Hi, I 'm also interested in an ssd (only) installation.
What about installing raspbian lite and after that the standard:

sudo apt-get-update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install kodi

Are there any disadvantages running kodi on raspbian ?


Did you seriously signed up for the OSMC forum to ask if there are disadvantages of using raspbian + kodi instead of OSMC?

Yes there are obviously performance disadvantages when you use Kodi on Raspbian as it would run ontop of an X-Server