OSMC won't connect to MySQL

Hi guys,

I’m stuck trying to get OSMC RC (Raspberry pi B) to connect to the MySQL database.

  • My windows 7 and 8 pc’s can both read and write to the database with no issues.

  • I’ve copied the advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml from the working pc’s into the osmc userdata folder.

  • I’ve installed the MySQL server onto the raspberry pi using ssh. I followed the guide on the Kodi Wiki tutorial.

  • I’ve reinstalled OSMC several times trying both DHCP and Static ip.

  • I’ve tried changing my bind address to the raspberry pi ip address and

  • My HDD is plugged directly into my router.

  • I’m connecting to my HDD using SMB

  • As a test I set up a MySQL server on my Windows 7 pc. OSMC and my windows 7 PC connected first time.

Anyone got any ideas?
What am I doing wrong?

Scratch that. It’s working. I don’t know how to delete my post. I don’t know what changed but it’s working.