OSMC wont play recently added Episodes

Hello first of all I wanted to thank you for the great player.

I just wanted to report or ask about a problem I am having since I swithed to OSMC from Kodi 14.2.
First to my setup:
I have a NAS on which I store my movies, episodes and SQL Database Media Library. The library is being automaticly updated by watchdog on osmc whenever a new file is being put in the folders.
I run a Pi B+ and everything is running fine just the newly added TV episodes I get an error that the “Playlist can´t find next item to play”. But how ever I want to play a file from the same folder with the same name constalation it plays fine. Even the new movies which I add to the library appear on OSMC as the new episodes but the movies I can play just the episodes I cant.

On my iPad through webdav it is possible, through smb, on my Win7 machine I can play them normally so I dont think there is a permission problem.

I attach a part of my Log which shows a file that is playable and one that is not from the same folder. But see for yourselve and I hope there is a quick and easy fix for it because it is really bothering me.

Sorry for my english. I got a little rusty with it.

OSMC Log File

Thank you for your help

Is it really just me who has this problem? My last solution is to reinstall Kodi 14.2 on a sd card which worked normally. :tired_face: