OSMC wont setup on first boot after imaging storage

I’ve moved over to some new hardware and so I’ve setup my SSD drive and imaged it with the Raspberry Pi Imager pulling the OSMC image and everything is fine. But on first boot, the UI loads and just presents the error message:

Install failed: could not mount bootfs

I’ve imaged this now a couple times with just the regular RPi images and they work just fine. There seems to be something wrong with the OSMC installer image. Has anyone run into this before?

Are you trying to boot directly from the SSD? If so this is not a configuration that OSMC provides support for. OSMC only supports installing fully on a SD or booting from a SD and running from an a secondary drive. I believe there is a thread on this forum somewhere that someone managed to do a direct boot and gave instruction on how they did it, but such a configuration will break with updates.

Sounds like you’re trying to install from a USB and not SD card.

You can run the OS on the SSD but need the SD to boot and need to use the installer to configure this.

Aw, lame. Ok that makes sense. What is the hang up on the OSMC side that is preventing from running entirely off of an SSD? That’s pretty much standard practice for me for all my other devices running Raspian.

The installer and initramfs need to be adjusted, ideally to support UUID label based booting. It’s still a work in progress.