OSMC wont work with berryboot

Hello, I have tried with the supplied img and made my own img and I can’t get the osmc to work with berryboot.
I have a Pi2 and the berryboot for the pi2 and osmc alpha4. Osmc boots and runs fine with the images on the SD card. but when I make a berryboot img (squashed) and load it up, I get this error:

“unable to locate or execute /sbin/init /usr/lib/systemd/systemd /init inside osmc_for_berryboot.img”


"emergency recovery shell activated

/bin/sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off
/squashfs #:"

So far this is the only OS I have not been able to use berryboot with.

We will have a NOOBS image soon which may be a better idea. We start our init with /sbin/early_splash usually.


Will you be looking into a berryboot compatible version in the future? Berryboot is a very elegant piece of software.

What advantage does it provide over NOOBS? I think BerryBoot requires SquashFS which can limit us in some ways.

Nice things about berryboot:

  1. using a usb stick or hard drive. I use a 1T drive and have my playstation/n64/mame game collections all in one place and ready to go (4000 games). I would like to put movies and music on the same hard drive.

  2. very small boot sd, never have to pull the sd card. Can have a backup of the files used on the boot sd, on a computer and just copy them to a new sd card if the original get corrupted without reinstalling or messing with the hard drive. Can also change the size of the boot sd card with no problem If you don’t want all the wasted space or if you want more space.

one small disadvantage:
Uses the same kernel so all OS’s need to be debian based. But if you want to run RISC OS than you will have to have a separate sd.

you are right, berryboot does use the squash images, but that is very easy to make from a normal img. Check out the berryboot web page:


That’s a problem I’m afraid.

Oh, I thought osmc was debian based. Shame, I was kinda excited about it.

OSMC is Debian based.

No Debian distribution for Raspberry Pi uses the upstream Debian kernel, because there isn’t one for Raspberry Pi. It will in theory work, but some things will be a bit off, i.e. WiFi, remote support etc.

Ah hope is still alive, you guys are the experts. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Hope you try out berryboot and give it a test drive.

I installed osmc alpha 4 (rpi2) - the osmc installer is finished an at the second partition the files are available.

Now I did the mksquash as described via ubuntu live but the livecd doesn’t boot.

I did this:

Why I prefere berryboot? When you’re in vacation, you can easily create a backup or use an old backup in berryboot or add 1 month later another os.
Using noobs: you must create the sdcard completely new.

If anyone can send us a complete guide this will help us.

ERROR when boot via berryboot:

emergency recovery shell activatet
/bin/sh: can’t access tty: job control turned off
/squashfs #


I just gave up on trying to run OSMC with berryboot, I am using OpenELEC instead, which is as good :smile: