OSMCDecember 2016.12.1 always show menu in profile for extension equipment

Hallo. I installed osmc kodi on RPi3B+ december 20016.12-1.I use master profil+ 2 profiles.When I open master profil everything OK. When I open second profle I see always menu that system find any files. IfI open Third profile everything is normal. Same as I connect HDD.But I don’t have any usb flash and so on.I am unhappy from this.I always must set cancel.After this is works OK. This menu shows only after first start or reboot system. If I only change profile not.

Thanks for help.


My problem is that after reboot system alwas show menu same as i have for example USB Flash or external HDD. But I did not connect everything. Always i have to cancel is and continue. I thing system detectet recovery partition as USB Flash.