OSMC's December update is here with Debian Stretch and Kodi 17.6 - OSMC

Hi @gozooey

Please follow @fzinken’s suggestions as well as letting us know what device you’re running OSMC on so we can resolve this promptly for you.


Thanks @sam_nazarko and @fzinken for pointing me in the right direction. I’m new at this (and old) so I appreciate your patience. I got lucky because I ran the update again and this time there wasn’t all this funky code at the bottom of the page. No errors popped up - just a big sad face in the middle of my screen for a few secs followed by a restart and things are working.

However, fast forward and rewind doesn’t work properly in Kodi at this time so we swapped these out for much more demanded volume buttons.

It’s been working perfectly for me for several months. I remember when I first got a Vero 4k, it used to cause my streams to crash. One of your updates in the middle of the year fixed the problem, and it’s been working flawlessly ever since (even on the update that came out today). If I ever get the new remote, I’ll just leave it the way you have it set (with volume buttons), but my rewind/fast-forward buttons definitely work fine.

Hi Sam and guys,
I only want to confirm that everything passed smoothly with an update (app. 20 minutes) and everything works ok.
Thanks Sam and to all OSMC team!
Great job!

I do appreciate all your hard work; OSMC is the best so far.
But still no proper frame-packed MVC 3D mkv playback? on Vero 4K? :cry:
I really wanna get the Vero 4K, but this missing feature is a deal breaker for me …
I can’t for the life of me figure out why it can run like nobodys business on an old RPi 2, but NOT on your flagship model …?

Hello @sam_nazarko,

I’m glad to join the OSMC community, and I like to thank you for the big update.

My first question is related to Vero 4k. I see that the store only allows to pay in one currency only. Can you allow paying in Euro also, in the future? I would like to buy a Vero 4k for testing, and if all goes as expected, I want to buy more of them.


Hi Sam
Update works fine

The implementation of 3D MVC depends heavily on the SoC provider.
The good news is that we are working on it. So keep your eyes peeled for updates on this shortly in this forum.


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Unfortunately at this time we can only accept GBP. If you choose PayPal at the checkout, you can see exactly what you will pay in Euros.

Some of our resellers accept payments in Euros, such as ModMyPi. The price should be similar.


Thank you guys for the great work!

Hi, Sam and OSMC Team.
The update went smoothly.
I begin to love this device every day more and more.
it seems that passthrough of AAC 5.1 movies, plays correct now without transcoding.
Great job guys! Keep the good work!



Hi Sam & team,

while the update to Stretch and Kodi 17.6 also for me went well, coming back to the question when the DVB-T2 stick becomes fully supported? Is it planned to be still backported to the current 3.x kernel on Vero 4K or (more likely) does it come with the transition to the 4.x kernel there? In either cases, what is the current / realistic timing for this?

Thx again,


This was covered a couple of days ago, but I can’t find the post.
It will be backported to the current kernel to avoid delays.




Thanks for the update, and the continued support of raspberry Pi, and of course the Vero 4K.

I’d like to try out the VPN functionality. @sam_nazarko suggested I post in the forums for details on how to try this.


It’s probably best to discuss this in a new post


Added initial support for OpenVPN to OSMC

How does this impact systems where OpenVPN has already been installed/configured via apt-get?

It won’t cause any problems. However, we are moving to integrating VPN directly with ConnMan. In this update, nameservers are no longer established as routes, so you won’t get DNS leaking (which was a problem before).

Great job @sam_nazarko and the others and thanks for everything…

From all the things you say i would like to stand to somethink that is bothering me for a little time now… Openvpn functionality… i have and an opened forum conversation…

You say


Can i have some more info , for what is changed? as i say i am strugling to make it work…

Thanks again…


The general news thread isn’t really for troubleshooting, which is why I suggested a new thread for this.

If OpenVPN is already working (you have manually configured it) then DNS leaks will now be resolved. However; in future, we will favour configuring VPN directly with ConnMan so that it handles OpenVPN itself.

Yesterday’s update started that implementation.