OSMC's December update is here with Debian Stretch and Kodi 17.6 - OSMC

OK, when I start my Vero the first [pass/fail] message is [failed] messaged related to OpenVPN.

So could you please put together a “best way” of how to remove a previous OpenVPN install, and setup via the “new way”?

I tried an “sudo apt-get remove openvpn”, but what came up seemed “dangerous” to remove…

The following packages will be REMOVED:
armv7-connman-osmc armv7-network-osmc openvpn vero3-device-osmc

…so I cancelled it.

OpenVPN is now a dependency of our networking stack by default in OSMC, so you don’t want to remove it.


That’s what I figured… I’m opening a new thread with how I was able to move from the init.d way I had originally configured OpenVPN , to the new Stretch/systemd way.

Don’t know what to say anymore, the great is even greater :).

Thanks a lot again Sam and team!!!

One doubt some. In the description you talk about more compatibility with bluetooth devices. RBpi 3 (crappy) bluetooth interface is usable now??



Hi Sam,

to move to the final 2017.12 from the Testing Stretch Image did I need to do something? Or is it not necessary to move?

Updated how ?

If you updated from the command line then you need to run sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade once to update to the latest version of OSMC for Jessie, then run both commands again to complete the upgrade to Stretch.

This is because it is a two stage process - the first stage among other things updates your /etc/apt/sources.list to point to stretch so you will not be on stretch until you complete the second dist-upgrade.

It is not recommended to manually upgrade directly from an old version of OSMC to stretch by editing /etc/apt/sources.list yourself, because there are a number of fixes that had to go into place first (including changes to udisks and udisks-glue packages) before the stretch migration to make sure everything goes smoothly, hence the two step process.

Users updating via My OSMC will have both steps performed automatically one after the other.

The version of Kodi in our stretch repo is later than the last version in our Jessie repo, so if you did upgrade incompletely via command line I would just go ahead and run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade again to complete the upgrade and then see if you still have a problem with Kodi afterwards.

Unfortunately we still have to recommend using an external dongle at this time for the best performance and compatibility


Provided you updated your sources.list to ‘stretch’, you’ll receive only stable updates

Does the advice to use an external Bluetooth device apply to the Vero 4k as well?

No, the Ver4k internal BT works fine. It is just the Pi3 internal one that is not working that well.

I see. Thanks for the quick reply.

Thing is : I can’t get the Vero to connect to my Bluetooth device. Pairing fails. So I must do something wrong. Can you point me to a link where I can get directions to get Bluetooth working?

Let’s not put more stuff in this news thread. Please open a new thread for us to discuss. But generally pairing with bluetooth can be tricky and especially after the stretch update there are more issues with the audio sink. To overcome the pairing part I suggest to use command line bluethoothctl as it is more reliable than the GUI.

You’re right, this is not the place.

Update went well, quickly and smoothly.
Thanks for all the great work.

@sam_nazarko. What are the additional software packages available to me after I update to stretch? Do I find them in the shopping cart “store”? I would like to have a VNC server installed through that shopping cart.

Thanks for the product. It is absolutely great.

With the Stretch update mainly newer software versions of the underlying OS where made available. Currently no new Apps in the App Store but there will be in the future.
For VNC depending on the platform you use we can help you to install manually

In Debian Stretch, there are an additional 8000 packages available for installation (up from 43,000 in Debian Jessie).

These are available for installation via apt-get. We will be offering more apps in the App Store in the future.


Since the new update my tvheadend server is constantly saying no free adaptor. If I try with vlc on PC it also gives me an error. Your input can’t be opened.

Please start a new forum post. The general release announcement posts are not ideal for troubleshooting

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mmmmmm… usually i do this for update my setup:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y -f dist-upgrade

I have used about two minutes but at restart i obtain an errors on ssh… it’s say:
Updating APT cache. Please be patient.
apt-get update was unsuccessful. If you are planning to install a package, please run apt-get update first and verify it was successful

I try to run command again to see what’s append…

I obtain an errors… on SSH i obtain this:
root@osmc:~# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
E: Impossibile impostare il blocco /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Risorsa temporaneamente non disponibile)
E: Impossibile acquisire il blocco sulla directory di amministrazione (/var/lib/dpkg/). Un altro processo potrebbe tenerla occupata.

How i can resolve ?

Tryed to update by My OSMC… obtain an errors say to report this to forum whitout any addiction information.
After that i obtain the message need to exit kodi before start… i choose yes and nothings append.

Open a new thread right now…i hope i can fix whitout a full reinstall…

Do not ask for support in the news release thread PLEASE!

If you need support open a new thread and provide meaningful diagnostic info.

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