OSMC's December update is here with Debian Stretch and Kodi 17.6 - OSMC


There haven’t been any changes to CEC that would cause this.

You could try turning off your TV and Vero 4K at the mains for ten minutes. CEC can be disabled under Settings -> Input -> Peripherals.


No PVR Addons section in ‘Addons’, can’t install any PVR plugin.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
kodi-pvr-iptvsimple : Depends: kodi-api-pvr (= 5.2.1)
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.


You shouldn’t install any PVR add-ons via apt-get; this will cause problems as it will fetch them from the Debian repository which packages them for a different, incompatible version of Kodi.

OSMC ships all PVR add-ons by default.
Please start a forum post with logs if you continue to experience problems.



Did you check the PVR add-ons aren’t disabled?


Anyone have the rbp2-headers-4.9.29-13-osmc??? please!