OSMC's July update is here - OSMC

OSMC's July update is ready with a wide range of improvements to keep your OSMC device running in tip-top shape. This update features a large number of fixes and improvements. This update adds support for the newly announced Vero 4K + which is on sale at an introductory price.

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Thanks mate,

works as far as I can tell.

I love the underlined selections. So far, all tested good


Video stutters every few seconds. Anybody else seeing this on their 4K?

We haven’t had any reports of this. Please start a forum post with debug logs if this continues.

I figured it out. I’m connected to my home network via ethernet, but the Wireless adapter was enabled also in the OSMC settings. This was causing something to happen in the background that caused the Vero 4K to hiccup once every few seconds. It not only caused frames to drop every time it happened, but also caused the entire GUI to sputter as well. Disabling the Wireless adapter fixes it.

Its also running fine for me after update on my Vero 4k last night, so far no issues as far I’m aware of, will make a start another post if there is any issues that crop up in the future.

Excellent work on the skin with the highlighted items, this makes OSMC so much easier to use.

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Please start a forum post with logs if this continues.

My Harmony remote connected to Vero 4K (bluetooth) stopped working after upgrade. I had to restart again to make it work.

There was a Bluetooth firmware update; so that may have required re-pairing.


Happy to say navigating and opening movies and apps on my Vero 4k feels snappier now after the update. Maybe I’m just imagining it but who knows

Thanks for the update sam.

Any news on the onboard bluetooth issues for rpi3+?

Going by this thread seems the issues are fixed using Bluez 5.50.

I have already tested a BlueZ bump but it did not solve the issue.
For now, we still recommend using an external Bluetooth dongle.

Just updated a Raspi3 and Vero4K, running without problems. Good work, Sam!

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I noticed the same issue right after the update. @MidnightWatcher’s fix worked but I’m pretty sure this wasn’t happening in the past. Also I don’t remember if I had the wireless interface enabled before the update (I usually have it disabled) or it got auto-enabled somehow after the update. Just something to keep an eye on I guess.

Had no issues with my Harmony Elite luckely :slight_smile:

Waiting for this for Idk 2 years? Haha! On all the TV’s and monitors I have tested, highlighted items in dialog boxes were unable to distinguish from non highlighted items. It’s why I never used the OSMC skin. Finally we have that line :slight_smile:


Great, update, thanks for the hard work!

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