OSMC's July update is here with Kodi v20.2 - OSMC

Last month, we made Kodi v20.1 available for all supported OSMC devices. As mentioned before, all devices supported by OSMC on Kodi v19 remain supported for Kodi v20.

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@sam_nazarko Teasing us with that Vero V button! :smiley:

Does this update break retroEMU?

Hi Sam,
got your surprise package today.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work very well. After reboot the connection to my NAS with all Movies/Music was lost.
The Vero is connected to the network with DHCP and it got an IP address and the gateway, but no nameserver. I was able to edit /etc/resolv.conf to add “search …” and the correct nameserver.
But I still have another problem: Media pictures are stored on an SD-Card, but this card is no longer available.
Any idea?

We haven’t had reports of issues with this update like this so far.

Perhaps something else has changed.

What should have changed? It was very straightforward: Dialogue to ask for update showed up, I pressed ‘Yes’ and after reboot the NAS and the Media-Pictures were gone.

Is the SD not mounting or just didn’t mount to the same place? Some logs would be helpful to gain some insight into what might be going on.

I’d suggest a new forum post with full logs so we can get this solved for you promptly.

yes, I’ll do that. Regarding sd-card, I fear it is fried (blkid doesn’t show the device), but the nameserver issue needs further attention.

Well first it needs

Also you wrote

Connman (the Network Manager of OSMC) doesn’t use /etc/resolv.conf

What? Why do I have to copy it into the toolchain chroot then?

The toolchain doesn’t use ConnMan.
We have poor man’s networking in the chroot.

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Also to be more precise, it still need to exist and point to localhost but it doesn’t contain the actual used DNS server

You don’t if you do a fresh clone and do make vero3 under mediacenter-osmc on a fresh system. We then bring everything in needed, incl network config.

If you manually install toolchaIns, you need to do a bit yourself. Or if you move toolchain from one system to another.

So git clone GitHub - osmc/osmc: OSMC (Open Source Media Center) is a free and open source media center distribution
cd osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc
make vero3

Needs no tinkering at all.

But apt-get install armv7-toolchain-osmc and running that command will.

Thanks for the update but something went different, since this update the PI4 gets only 150MBit/s max @WiFi4 not 433MBit/s @Wifi5 with it latest.

Are there changes on Wifi side?

Sorry my fault, I had to redo my Wifi routerside (reassignment to the wifi) now I use Wifi5 again

No changes re WiFi

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