OSMC's July update is here

OSMC's July update is here. We hope you're having a great Summer holiday and we released this update to make sure your OSMC viewing experience remains in tip-top shape.

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I’m on my way to the army so I can only test it in 17 days… Is the smb password problem fixed? I’ve been waiting since Merch… Thank you

Add ‘Anonymous Logon’ user in your shared folder’s permissions and it wont ask you for a user/pass in pi when you access it via SMB.

Jepp thanks, but looks like it keeps the “OSMC June 2016 2016.06-2” ID inside My OSMC

Really? I’ll test it when I get home (in 17 days:cry:)

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Try checking for updates again. You may have had an update dialogue on screen previously (sometimes this means you are installing an older update than the current one).

Ok I will try it again, but the Kernel is now after the update the promoted one. So some updates are done from the July update.

Done nothing changed, no update available.

Also no updates available from console:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Shows no new updates

Update went smooth here. Just a minor flaw it still shows 2016.06-2 in OSMC, but it does show Jul 31 2016 in Kodi System info.

It shows July 2016 here. Make sure you have updated your system (check for updates again) and go to My OSMC. The version should be in the bottom left corner.

The package containing the version information is always the last package I push, but that was done some time ago, so I would expect to see it propagated by now.


Bad but good I’m not the only one

Did you try and upgrade again? If you did, and you still see the old version, then please start a new forum post with a log.

Couple of minutes ago I upgraded again and package base-files-osmc_1.9.6_all.deb was installed - after reebot it shows July.

So now, it’s 7-1, new update this time a update was available.


Oke, did check for updates again, and that did the trick. Running 2016.7-1 now.

There is still overlapped text in System info - Hardware.

Did you report this as a bug somewhere? If not, then we didn’t know about it, so it wasn’t likely to have been fixed by this release.

Have you checked that the overlapping is not actually caused by your Skin? Things like OK for me in Confluence on a Vero 2.

Didn’t work for me :frowning:

DO NOT use the release announcement thread for support issues please.

sorry, here is something from last year:
An improved look and feel for OSMC

the last line is overlapping with the information (in yellow text) at the bottom of the screen.

We forgot about this minor 14 month old bug :wink:

We’re working on a new skin now anyway which should be better in the future.