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OSMC's June update is ready with a wide range of improvements to keep your OSMC device running in tip-top shape. The changes are lighter than usual as some of us plan to take a break this Summer.

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Has there been any changes made regarding the 444/colour spaces issue or should we carry on as we have been with the manual settings for now?

June update specifics?


There are some improvements, but we still recommend setting 10-bit output manually for the best results at this time. This will then give you proper HDR output without any issues.

The banding and flickering issues exhibited a few months ago remain resolved provided that HDR output is enabled properly.




Works fine as allways thanks, mate.


WOW! My Wifi 5G 80Mhz bandwidth, before the update was 40-50Mb/s, after the update is 80-110Mb/s on Vero4K connected via range extender Tp-link RE500, tested with iperf3. On my both Rpi3+ speed was 35-45Mb/s before update and constant 50Mb/s after the update direct connected to TP-link Archer C9 WiFI 2.4G 20Mhz bandwidth.

Nice Wifi speed bump for me, I’m happy with it, thanks :smiley: !


Check for Kodi add-on updates more frequently so add-ons are updated quicker

How have you changed this? Is it a setting in the advancedsetting or how can you adjust the check for update intervall?



It’s changed in the Kodi source