OSMC's May update is here - OSMC

A new post might help, but unfortunately CEC is one of those things that is very difficult to get right for all devices.

If we revert the changes made in this update, it will cause problems for other users. Hopefully this can be resolved in upstream libCEC properly in the near future.


After the update does not work i2c?

Please start a forum post with debug logs for any issues.
Aware of an issue with I2C. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

720p x265 on the rpi3 is actually usable now. Thank you!

hifiberry does not appear as output device after this update anymore.

This has already been resolved (please search the forum). An update with this fix included will be pushed shortly.



oh, i see! thanx for your extremely fast reaction!

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preparation for “Debian Stretch (9.0)” sounds perfect. Would be good to get it soon. Newer packages are required by several other nice things you can do in parallel to KODI. I personally use my device for Nextcloud as well and some apps require newer releases than we have in Jessie.

Thanks a lot for all your work. OSMC is perfect and a cool starting point for other projects as well.


Get Debian as soon as possible? it will be released whenever Debian feels like releasing it, OSMC has no say over this all Sam can do is prepare for it.


Can you either compile in BBR as TCP congestion option for 4.9 or better yet make it the default?


The config flags are


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I must admit I am slightly hesitant to update because everything is running just right and I don’t want to have those problems with CEC again. Having to change to TV and back every time I want to use OSMC! :grimacing:
Are there manual changes to config files that change this behavior or are the Updates changing things in the code so no user can reverse it?
Thanks! :heart_eyes:

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I’ll accept a PR to add this to the kernel, but won’t make it the default at this time. I haven’t seen any benchmarks yet to justify why it should be the default TCP congestion algorithm.

Perhaps with some benchmarks in the future, there could be a case put forward. For now, if it ain’t broke…

NextCloud can run on Debian Jessie just fine. Using it in production on Jessie servers without any issues.

@sam_nazarko I’ll see if I can find some time to submit a PR.

In the meantime, with the latest updates, something strange is happening when I try to play a file. It seems like I have to try a couple times before it’ll play. Really kind of odd.

Hi @sam_nazarko! I have the same auto turn on problem with the may update. I downgraded to a previous backup I made but unfortunately I have the 2017.04-1 version (with the srt security issue).
Is there a way to upgrade to 2017.04-2 but NOT to 2017.05-1? Or will the 2017.04-2 build be available to download? Thank you

Yes the standard works fine, I fully agree. But I like to enhance my installation with OCR. The version of tesseract-ocr in Jessie is not the one that I would need. Stretch has the correct one. Therefore I am looking forward to Stretch once it is released (soon by Debian and hopefully soon afterwards by OSMC).

Thanks a lot for the continuous good support and all the effort for OSMC.


@sam_nazarko The playback problem is still ongoing. Have to try to select a file to play multiple times via iOS Kodi app before the file will play. This was not an issue prior to the last update.

I’d suggest a new post outlining the issue with debug logs. I’m not sure which issue you’re quite referring to.



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