OSMC's May update is here


Any fixes for arctic zephyr skin problem?


I am not aware of a problem. Did you report this in a different thread?

If it is a skin issue you would be better served contacting the skin maintainer


Sam does this fix the freezing and rendering issues?



Thanks again Sam and OSMC Team… Great Job


If you are referring to random freezes on the Raspberry Pi, then it should. As mentioned in the original post:

Fix an issue on Raspberry Pi where a buffer may be returned twice in 
vchiq_arm which could cause random freezing / muting symptoms reported 
in the forum

If the issue persists you should start a forum post with a full set of logs. The April and May updates collectively address two issues:

  • fix for a bug that could cause kodi to hang when multiple connections to the GPU were being opened/closed.
  • fix for openmax errors when generating a large number of messages (occurs when flushing OMX components).

The resolution of these two issues should address the freezing and muting issues that some users experienced before.


Hi @sam_nazarko - could you please clarify if this re-enables guest access to SMB shares? (i.e. gets rids of the mandatory user / pwd described in other threads, like this)

In the thread quoted below, I saw some comments about SMB password problems being resolved now But the same post still mentions user / password being required, so I am not sure.


HI Sam,

Thank for the prompt reply it was about the thread April update causes System freezes but users are already posting that the May update does not fix the issues in that thread.

I understand this is not a support thread. I will post in the support.

Thanks for all your hard work.



It does not.

The update resolves connectivity to shares that do not authenticate with ntlmv2 such as Time Capsules.

From cc75c0b5aa8d4efa5ba5ed746785a1fab57dcb03 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Sam Nazarko <email@samnazarko.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 13:40:20 +0100
Subject: [PATCH] Fix connectivity to weaker shares

Signed-off-by: Sam Nazarko <email@samnazarko.co.uk>
 xbmc/filesystem/SMBFile.cpp | 4 ++++
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)

diff --git a/xbmc/filesystem/SMBFile.cpp b/xbmc/filesystem/SMBFile.cpp
index 1f7af9b..4270e8c 100644
--- a/xbmc/filesystem/SMBFile.cpp
+++ b/xbmc/filesystem/SMBFile.cpp
@@ -121,6 +121,10 @@ void CSMB::Init()
         fprintf(f, "\tsocket options = TCP_NODELAY IPTOS_LOWDELAY SO_RCVBUF=65536 SO_SNDBUF=65536\n");      
         fprintf(f, "\tlock directory = %s/.smb/\n", home.c_str());
+        // post badlock fixes for legacy
+        fprintf(f, "\tclient use spnego = noclient\n");
+	fprintf(f, "\tntlmv2 auth = no\n");
         // set wins server if there's one. name resolve order defaults to 'lmhosts host wins bcast'.
         // if no WINS server has been specified the wins method will be ignored.
         if (CSettings::GetInstance().GetString(CSettings::SETTING_SMB_WINSSERVER).length() > 0 && !StringUtils::EqualsNoCase(CSettings::GetInstance().GetString(CSettings::SETTING_SMB_WINSSERVER), "") )

The Samba maintainers have acknowledged that the latest version of Samba in Debian Jessie has regressions and that they will be addressed. I am not sure if this will restore Guest access to shares.

You should also note that Kodi’s implementation of Samba is based on Samba 3.x from 2013 era, but OSMC uses upstream Samba 4.x from Debian Jessie.


Can't reach my SMB shares after the last OSMC update!

There is a problem with external sound card.
Right after upgrade my hifiberry DAC clone stops working.


Does this fix the white noise issue whit the hifi berri digi

tried everything but nothing seems to work.

greetz Alex


Tnx for the update… It fixed my problems with RPi3 freezing after seeking.

keep up good work team!


You can thank @popcornmix for that.




Did you also start a GitHub issue?

You should start a new thread with debug logs. In particular, we need to know what version you updated from, the contents of config.txt and dmesg.

You need dtparam=audio=off in your config.txt, and this has been the case for several months. If you have only updated recently, then this may explain why audio isn’t working suddenly.

If you also opened the GitHub issue, please wait for a reply on the forum first and provide the necessary information to receive help. Our GitHub Issue tracker is for confirmed issues only – however due to recent hastiness in reporting often user based issues as confirmed bugs, we will be closing this and moving to a dedicated bug tracking solution in the near future.


Thanks @popcornmix :smiley:


I created new thread with details. In my opinion kernel modules are missing.


They are not – you can diff if you’d like to see what we changed this month.

Unfortunately, the logs you provided still aren’t sufficient, and don’t give me an insight in to the issue.

Hifiberry-dac stops working after upgrade - SOLVED

Hi Sam, OSMC May update is not based on the final Kodi 16.1 kodi, at least one patch is missing:

this patch was merged and included in 16.1 final (also in krypton) however it is missing in your May update for some reason. I confirmed that the patch is included in 16.1 by building from source on my main x64 HTPC and verifying that the issue is fixed. OSMC/May update reports “16.1.RC3” (not final) and the issue that the patch fixed is still present.

Any chance to have OSMC based on Kodi 16.1 Final with all accepted patches?

Hifiberry-dac stops working after upgrade - SOLVED

Great work. Cec now works for me! I’m happy :grin:
Vero2 is pretty much perfect for me now. Would be interested in an android image (which is in the works I read) and also some more options to tinker around a bit with it would be nice. Like being able to pop in a microsd card with osmc on it and boot from it just to try things out. If I insert a microsd with osmc installer on it, will it still wipe my whole install on internal storage without asking?


OSMC’s May update does include this patch. Please check you updated your system properly


You are right, thanks for the follow up! I ran the updater a second time and a few packages got updated including mediacenter, now System Information reports Kodi 16.1 (instead if RC3) and yes the patch is included.

For some reason I had to ran the updater twice. The first run updated the kernel and a bunch of system packages but not kodi, System Information was reporting May Update (and the new kernel) but kodi wasn’t updated. Likely I should have started the update over CLI (apt-get) instead of VNC/GUI on my headless kodi audio box, my bad.

For those using hi-fi berry dac+: no issues found so far.