OSMC's November update is here with Kodi 19.3 - OSMC

At the end of the Summer, we released our largest update ever delivering a new version of Kodi, an improved video stack, support for new Raspberry Pi models and a large number of improvements and fixes.

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I just updated my 4k+ and I have to say, it’s like everything got a huge speed/smoothness bump in the UI, and playback starts much more seamlessly now. Thank you for the continued support!

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I don’t see the TrueHD/Atmos high bitrate mentioned, is this included?

Thank you for this great release and effort put into this! I really like the Vero 4K+

It’s mentioned in the second paragraph. As it’s part of Kodi 19.3, it is indeed included.

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Aahh sorry, I skipped that and went right for the bugfixes :relaxed:

Is there any news regarding the AAC issue with refresh rate switching enabled?

If you mean the problem with 44.1k audio and 4k video, no. Still need to force fixed 48k audio in audio settings.

Last time I looked …

It’s on my list along with USB soundcards being restricted to 48k.

Nothing regarding 44.1Hz, but with these video files.

2160p 23,976 h264 issue every 25sec or so
2160p 29,970 h264 issue every 25sec or so

So you mean these two are not 44.1kHz?

My Pi 4 seems to shut off the screen shortly after the OSMC-Logo appears.

Trying to turn it back on manually:
root@osmc4:/sys/class/drm# /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd display_power 1

Any hints where to look next?

Hmm one seams to be 44.1kHz indeed, that wasn’t my link to the issue sorry, haven’t checked the rest though.
But good that is still on the list, thanks.

After updating my 4K+, the up/down buttons on my Harmony remote skip a step, while repeat value already on 0

After this update, my Vero 4K+ stopped booting. Unless I detach the HDMI cable. I tried another cable and cleaning the male & female connectors to no avail. (It’s connected directly to my Sony KDL-40HX850 TV from 2013.)

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Please open a new thread. Likely Vero is booting but not showing a picture. Can you SSH in and grab-logs -A?

You mention update to support newer Widevine but im still seeing messages saying OS Update Needed when it wants to install Widevine 4.10.2252… any ideas?

This isn’t needed – our libc6 has been updated to handle the new Widevine libraries.

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RPi4 playing locally (but not on this Pi) recorded UK HD TV I get a momentary blank screen around 5 seconds into the playback.
Perhaps some sort of resync is going on.

Adjust Refresh Rate is enabled by default now.