OSMC's October update is here with Debian Buster and Kodi 18.8 - OSMC

It’s hard to comment what the issue may be, particularly as you do not even mention which device you are running OSMC on. I’d suggest starting a new forum post with logs.


All I see from the original post is the info below. I cannot find any additional details.

Additional details can be found on https://github.com/osmc/osmc/compare/2020.03-1...2020.10-1

Thanks! A bit more detail than I need but more is always better.

Debian updates from Stretch (9) to Buster (10)
Kodi updates from v18.7 to v18.8.

There were a number of skin improvements. We’ll write about this later this week as it deserves a separate post.

You can see the Kodi blog for more details.

That’s it. The Debian update gives us a newer toolchain (which means we get some performance improvements); and the newer Debian version means we have packages which have had their versions bumped (newer) and every version of Debian has more packages in its APT repository (so more packages to choose from).

Hope this helps.

I think I’ve figured it out. New version of LIRC doesn’t seem to like include statements in the lircd.conf file. Annoying as I use 8 different config files so that any remote will work with any media center in the house and for ir sending purposes but merging them all in to one file with no includes seems to be working.

We updated to 0.9.4, so that may be your issue.

First off thanks for the great work, I have been enjoying osmc for years.
Unfortunately the upgrade didn’t go well for me. I am probably a minority case, as I have been using btrfs as root fs for years, followed recipe at https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/looking-for-backup-tools-i-found-these/15221/10 and all was perfect through many upgrades. Not this time, I very early in the boot process end up on a console complaining about missing init files. To have the system boot I just restored the previous /boot partition which still has the 4.19.122-1 kernel on, and all good. Not sure what changed with 4.19.122-2 (a minor upgrade I would think), but it breaks boot process. I have a Pi2B.

As usual please open a new thread. But most likely your best bet would be a new install with a buster image as soon as they are published.

Ok I’ll do that tonight. Any chance that osmc now actually supports btrfs so that I could try to just boot without building a separate initrd file? I think I know the answer is “no”, but I’d love to be surprised…

@sam_nazarko just curious about the kernel if you got plans to bump it to 5.4 or higher in the near future ? since it includes alot of optimizations for rpi and if you go above 5.6 then wireguard is supported out of the box

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Hi @sam_nazarko,

Thanks for the update. Updating worked without any issues, but I encountered a strange thing: When opening the MyOSMC (circle-) menu in my Vero4k I seem to be stuck there. I can‘t exit this menu with any button or trick (except unpowering).
Can anybody confirm this?

Best from Germany,

No - but I’m happy to accept a PR to add support for this


Figured it out.
I’m using mele f10 remote controller, and now after the update the power button shuts down vero, it used to open the power menu where I could choose what to do

If I was to guess (which is all I can do with the info provided) I would say your remotes back button is programmed to send a ‘previous menu’ action instead of a ‘back’ action. I can confirm that sending a ‘previous menu’ action (aka esc on keyboard and home button with the OSMC remote) does not exit the My OSMC add-on, but that is not new behavior. If this is where your issue is I would suggest using the Keymap Editor add-on to remap your back button in global to “back”.

I had the same issue with netfilter-persistent. Apparently it belongs to iptables which I installed a couple years ago and don’t really need now. I removed it with

sudo apt-get --purge remove netfilter-persistent

Then the update run without exceptions till the end, but I got the “sad face” after restart. Reinstalling mediacenter helped:

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-mediacenter-osmc
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

My device is RPi 2, thanks for update.

My osmc and kodi on rapsberry pi 3b+ stopped working after today update :frowning: After the OSMC splash screen, my Weather screen went completely broken, cant SSH to osmc at all. Then it became irresponsive. It was working fine before the update.

Suggest to open a new thread. But might be related to a broken SD Card.

So the update can break the SD card? Just trying to understand the root problem here

Well SD cards can break anytime. But the update writes significant data >400M onto the card and therefore can trigger a break.
Surely there are also other possibilities depending on the packages installed but as by now I guess we have many people updated to this version without an issue it is quite likely something like that.