OSMC's October update is here with Debian Buster and Kodi 18.8 - OSMC

As you may have noticed, we didn't release an OSMC update for a while. After a lot of hard work, OSMC's October update is now here featuring Debian 10, codename "Buster" and Kodi 18.8. This yields a number of improvements and is one of our most significant OSMC updates yet. It featurues:

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Many thanks for your Hard work, all Works Fine ! Many Greetings from germany.

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Awesome! Thanks for the hard work Sam and thanks to all the testers that made this possible!!

Typo: “featurues”

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Great work thanks.
When will it be available as a ‘fresh’ reinstall on a Vero 4k?
Will there be instructions?

I used to use my Vero4k for home automation and moved this to a dedicated Rpi4 so would like to blow it away and start afresh :grinning:

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Updated without any issue, thank you for all the hard work!

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Installer images should follow in a couple of days after we confirm there are no showstopper issues.


Howdy Sam & Happy days! As always, much obliged.

Looks great on my RPi3 & V4k. Tested and all good:
Customized Interface Menus
Videos that have given troubles in the past
DVD.ISO cartoon with tough video render section
DVD.ISO Tv with poor from factory encoding and full menus
DVD.ISO w/ full adverts & menu
MP3 High Bitrate
Pandora Music

Some notable video sections in my test suite show significant improvement to smoothness of playback when viewed in parallel with earlier builds

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Hi @Landspeeder – it’s been a while. Hope you’re doing well!

I’d recommend you also try our 4.9 test builds on your Vero 4K/4K+ as we have significant improvements there and always value your feedback



Too long mate :slight_smile: thankfully rather well on my end - hope you may claim the same.

I’d love to help and will strive to carve out a chunk to vet the v4k test builds - - - been bootstrapping a new company with a newborn in the house this year so I’ve been a tad detached.


Everything’s the same here – we’re keeping busy :slight_smile:

No worries about the lack of testing. Just keep updating, and sooner than later, you should be pleasantly surprised



Upgraded without any issues, thanks for this update!

My install is Vero4k+ :slight_smile:

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Many thanks Sam,
Updated without issues - Vero4K
All seems to be running well.

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Thanks for this big upgrade!
It almost went well, but I have two packages that are not going well, because netfilter-persistent has a bad configuration file. See the error below. Could you help with this?

$ sudo apt dist-upgrade
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Calculating upgrade... Done
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
2 not fully installed or removed.
After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] y
Setting up netfilter-persistent (1.0.11) ...
Job for netfilter-persistent.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
See "systemctl status netfilter-persistent.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
invoke-rc.d: initscript netfilter-persistent, action "restart" failed.
● netfilter-persistent.service - netfilter persistent configuration
   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/netfilter-persistent.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
   Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Mon 2020-10-19 11:01:26 CEST; 65ms ago
  Process: 1264 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/netfilter-persistent start (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
 Main PID: 1264 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)

Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: run-parts: executing /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d/15-ip4tables start
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: iptables-restore v1.8.2 (nf_tables): unknown option "--to-source"
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: Error occurred at line: 7
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: Try `iptables-restore -h' or 'iptables-restore --help' for more information.
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: run-parts: /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d/15-ip4tables exited with return code 2
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: run-parts: executing /usr/share/netfilter-persistent/plugins.d/25-ip6tables start
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc netfilter-persistent[1264]: Warning: skipping IPv6 (no rules to load)
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc systemd[1]: netfilter-persistent.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc systemd[1]: netfilter-persistent.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.
Oct 19 11:01:26 osmc systemd[1]: Failed to start netfilter persistent configuration.
dpkg: error processing package netfilter-persistent (--configure):
 installed netfilter-persistent package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of iptables-persistent:
 iptables-persistent depends on netfilter-persistent (= 1.0.11); however:
  Package netfilter-persistent is not configured yet.

dpkg: error processing package iptables-persistent (--configure):
 dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

This package isn’t provided by OSMC by default, so you must’ve installed it in the past.

You will need to resolve the conflict to proceed.

Anyone have an issue when going to power (with remote control or through UI) and vero just shuts down. After that can not start it with power on button from remote, have to unplug/plug the power cord

You should go to Power -> Suspend and not Power -> Shut Down. Then you can wake the device with a remote.

@CalzorSuzay RPI4 isnt supported yet this is only Debian buster and Kodi Bump

You are right, but it’s happening on it’s own. So:

  1. Hit power button
  2. Power menu is opened
  3. After cca 2 sec it goes automatically to shut down

This is why Vero is such a good choice. Constant improvements and hard work from those involved. Thank you. Yay to HDR10+.

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/bin/bash: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (it_IT.UTF-8)

i’m stay in updating my osmc pi2 setup by ssh… during the procedure i see some line report that… it’s normal ?