OSMC's OMX player on RPi2

So is the OMX player based on MX Player? Does it take advantage of the RISC-like advantages that NEON is all about?

Why do i see ppl saying the jellyfish test files http://jell.yfish.us work on OSMC soooo much better than OpenELEC?

40mbps wow i just dont understand how this is still called ALPHA.

8 days

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OMX means OpenMAX. It is the interface between Kodi -> Broadcom GPU. It is an open video decoding standard. OMXPlayer is a video player that uses OpenMAX decoding.

At the moment, we’re not optimised for that. Whether or not we choose to do that depends on whether the Raspberry Pi foundation would like us to maintain two images or not. If the performance gain is negligible and would just result in a much bigger image (we’d need two builds for both devices in one image), then we’ll give it a miss


OK sam thanks for clearing that up…
i read this…

The first Raspberry Pi was a single-core ARMv11 processor with 128MB of RAM. The RBP2, in contrast, is a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor with 1GB of RAM. Between the clock increase and the core improvements, the new Raspberry Pi could be 40-60% faster than the old RBP in single-threaded code. Add the multi-core capabilities, and this second generation chip should be three to four times faster in total. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is claiming a sixfold speedup, with performance ranging from 1.5 times faster in single-threaded code to four times in Sunspider. NEON-enabled tests, which the ARM Cortex-A7 supports, can run 20 times faster.

So 20x faster What can you say about the RPi2 vs Tegra3 such as the ARM7 NEON “MXPlayer” vs OMX… From what i can tell it is the same architecture on my TF300T… i mean they are both ARM7… but NViDEA says the chip runs at around 1.7Ghz and it REALLY does use LESS power to run videos on even DicePlayer & BS.Player then it does browsing the web on Chrome for Android… the battery lasts longer on a charge i should say… i can only think that that would come from taking advantage of all 4 cores… and this “5th batery saving core” what do you know about that?

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So the Vero and the RPi2 are the 2 devices the image is for if i get your drift? And that would be four versions of OSMC then on your 1 image? Lots of more code to maintain i’d suppose?? How DO you manage a project like this without a Gaant chart really im impressed hehe
Like a leather whip a a stern lip? :wink:

The issue here isn’t the multiple images, it’s that we’d need to ship Pi1 and Pi2 binaries in one build which means we’d be wasting almost half the used space as only 1 set of binaries would be used.

I have a project roadmap, but keeping things informal and in the team communication is much better than roadmaps we will likely struggle to adhere too


you sound like the google of bosses hehe jk it’s great that there are ppl so enthusiastic i mean i assume thats the biggest motivator

yeah i forgot that you are still supporting the pi1… i need another tv so i can hook mine back up… it’s not as if it doesnt work heh far from it