OT: (atm) Security camera app for pi

Sorry to be off topic for a minute, but…

My brother wants a simple security camera recorder for a few weeks to monitor a work site.

He has also been impressed by my OSMC setup.

So, can i combine the two (or least use the same hardware for both jobs) ?

What general purpose security camera software is available for the pi running raspbian?


You are looking for an open source NVR.

This can sometimes be beyond the ability of ARM systems, as they often encode video or perform processing on it. This isn’t accelerated in HW.

Check out OpenCR and ZoneMinder

Thanks Sam :slight_smile:

I am also investing in some security lately, but for my home. I don’t think OSMC is the job for it. I am using Hikvision cameras.

However, open source NVR software should run on OSMC, but performance is to be determined.