Other devices?

So, I’ve been using OSMC for a while albeit on 2 rpi3 devices however, they are starting to struggle with some of my media and whilst I would love to get a Vero, I just can’t afford it at the moment.

I do however have an old Android box running an S905X and wondered if it might be possible to flash this with the Vero image? I understand that the Vero is an S905D?

If not, I quite like the idea of trying to get OSMC compiled and working on this unit so wondered if there was any more detailed information on how to do this than what’s currently available.


Unfortunately this isn’t possible at this time.
It might be possible with some firmware + device tree changes; but this depends on the hardware you have.

Thanks @sam_nazarko, I feared that would be the case but I am up for the challenge of trying to get OSMC running.

I wouldn’t expect to be fully guided in order to get the OS working on this device but could you perhaps point me to some resources that may help with regards firmware and device tree changes?


The kernel is at GitHub - osmc/vero3-linux.
This would need adapting for your board (device trees in arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic)

Maybe you should give CoreELEC a try?

If @BigErchie doesn’t need / want OSMC specifically, then LE/CE will be easier to get going.

Thanks both, the appeal of using OSMC over the “ELECs” would be familiarity as I am very comfortable using Debian. I like how OSMC is put together too and that there are addons like TVHeadend server that just work.

In saying that, I never knew that CoreELEC even existed so I’ll be sure to check it out since it’s targeted at Amlogic boxes.

I think I can extract the device tree from the android firmware already on the box so just need to figure out how to adapt the kernel for it and we’re done (I am pretty sure that it will be infinitely more complicated than that but gotta stay optimistic :slight_smile:)

You will probably need to re-build the kernel to run off an SD card.


Been doing lots of reading and already have CoreELEC running from an SD card which seems fairly stable.

Could I, in theory, swipe the CoreELEC kernel which is obviously designed to run from an SD card and is built for Amlogic devices and embed that into OSMC? Would it be enough to simply swap out the kernel source URL for the CoreELEC kernel or will it require a whole host of other changes through the various build scripts?

I’m sure I am oversimplifying this in my head!

No idea. I don’t know enough about LE/CE to advise

Fine @sam_nazarko, you win, I’ve ordered a Vero! To be fair, I was running out of excuses not to buy one and that’s what credit cards are for, right :wink:

Look forward to receiving it in a few days :smiley:


Good man. I think you’ll enjoy it!