Other install than OSMC?

Is it possible to install another Kodi version than OSMC on Vero 4K+? I’m fed up with all my crashes, so I have to try something else now…

Yes - but this is not something we can support. Your reports aren’t typical.

From what I can see previously, we still haven’t received a debug log and we were waiting for you to confirm your details so we could send a new power supply.

Hi Sam.

I have uploaded several debug logs in my last thread (called “Frustrations”). And I understand that you cant locate the problem, so now I wanted to see if I could get it up and running again with another “OS”.

My understanding is that debug logging was not enabled here. My suggestion was for us to send a new power supply but we didn’t get a follow up to this.

Sam, in the previous thread I uploaded several log files, but you couldn’t figure out what the problem was. You agreed to send me a new power supply, but I newer recieved it. I wrote to you asking if you had shipped it, and you told me to check at my local post office. I did and wrote back to you that they didn’t have a package for me. After that I didn’t hear from you again…

I’ll try to send another log file. Hope I manage to make it like you want it: https://paste.osmc.tv/aqafofirin

This is really odd, did you upload this log after a crash? Because the kodi.old.log is empty which is unusual.

====================== Kodi Old Log =================== 2qaAc90c

---------------------- Kodi Old Log END --------------- 2qaAc90c

It’s my typical crash: Screen goes black and tv says “no signal”, Unable to FTP or SSH to Vero. Also Yatse looses connection to my Vero. I restarted it (twice, as it crashed immediately after 1. restart) and uploaded the log as the first thing.

I have experienced the sad smiley on blue screen a few times, but the crash as described is occuring about 99% of the times.

I have been reading over your post history to better understand your problem.

I can see that you’ve been using the device for around a year before these issues popped up, so I suspect the hardware will be OK.

Please send me another PM confirming your address so we can ship another PSU.
I can also recommend trying to power the device via a USB cable as a test to see if this improves the system stability.


Hi Sam.

I had these problems for much longer, but I didn’t reach out to you from the beginning of the issues.
The issue is totally random and periodic. It has nothing to do with heat, and I have also tried another power outlet. Regarding using USB cable to power the device… how’s that possible? The original power supply is not with a USB connector. At least not on my device. It’s a round standard 5v power supply connector.

I’ll PM you :slightly_smiling_face:

The device can be powered using a USB-A cable on one of the side ports

Awesome. I did not know that :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi both,
These crash symptoms sound exactly like what I was experiencing. I swapped out the power supply and everything suddenly started working!

Wow, great to hear! I hope that will solve my problem as well. Thanks for sharing :+1: