Out of disk space - EPG at 10G - Vero 4k

Hello everyone. I have been getting out of space warnings and unable to update messages for a while now so I started digging in. I see the EPG12.db is up to 10G in size which doesn’t leave much room on the 14G disk for other stuff.

How can I reduce the size? At this point the system will not run because it can’t build menus. I also see an EPG11.db which hasn’t been updated since 2019 so I’m going to remove that to create a little space.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

The EPGXY.db file contains the EPG data kodi will show in the ‘PVR & Live TV’ menus.
Typically this db is filled by the used PVR client like in e.g. TVHeadend HTSP client which gets the data from tvheadend.
Only the file with the largest number is used, files with smaller numbers are left over from previous kodi releases.
You can simply remove all Epg-database files; the Epg db file will be rebuilt on next mediacenter start like:

systemctl stop mediacenter
rm /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/Database/Epg*.db
systemctl start mediacenter

The interesting question is: Why this sqlite db file has grown to 10GByte size?
Typically the TV guide within kodi is configured to hold 3 days but that can be configured at GUI → Settings → Live TV → Guide.

How many TV channels we’re talking about?

Thanks Jim. I wasn’t sure how automated that file was so didn’t want to just delete it. Deleting Epg11.db allowed me to get it up for a little while so I tried using the clear data functions in the settings but it did not clear it.

Yeah, I can’t understand how it grew that much. Only 80 channels. Perhaps I had the days to display set wrong - it is currently 3 future and 1 past. A number of the settings got trashed so these may have been reset. I looked at the last boot log and found there was an error about the Epg12.db file being malformed so it couldn’t delete old data. Maybe something happened to it a while ago and it just wasn’t deleting old data like it should have. The guide was always correct for the day I was looking at but I never scan backwards so there may have been more than a day there.

I’ll keep an eye on it for a little while and see if it grows significantly again.
Thank you again!

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