Out of memory crash


Had the vero 4k+ for a couple of weeks now and am running sonarr,radarr, nzbget and youtube as an addon. I also have a bluetooth keyboard.

This I would imagine is a fairly light load but I am getting memory creep up to high 90s after a day or so and then it either hard crashes or the box resets.

I can upload a log but which one should I select?


You can upload all logs. This should show us what’s triggering the OOM killer.

Thanks. The log is here: https://paste.osmc.tv/pimibevago

Your log doesn’t show any OOM.
Try uploading logs again if it happens again.

Yep, this is after I had to pull the plug. Will monitor and do.

Thanks for speedy response Sam

Hi, not quite out of memory but slowly crept up after 2 days of usage and now at 90+ % during video playback. log here https://paste.osmc.tv/dabahidoha


Just to add I also have a powered usb hub with 3x HDD formatted as NTFS: 2 are powered one is not. TV is LGB7

Need to see the OOM in a log or you can use top to see resource usage by process

Okay. It just crashed and restarted the UI but now when trying to upload log, the URL it creates is incomplete:paste.osmc.tv/ and then html written in brackets

This is an indication that the log is too large to post. You should be using the top command in an SSH session to watch what process is using an increasing amount of resources over time.

Thanks . Will do.

Looking via top, I can see that mono spikes to 20+% frequently - is this normal?
Also , no swap space is being used - is this by design?

Right , it just spiked now massively and it seems kodi is the culprit - see attached
What should I do?

Kodi.bin is using 30.6% of the physical RAM but you also have two mono processes that, when combined, are using 49.4% of the available RAM – so you’ve reached 80% of RAM for just three processes.

A quick check indicates that sonarr and radarr both use mono, so I guess that’s why we see two instances of mono running.

Good to know, thanks.

But I don’t have particularly big libraries on either sonarr/radarr so thought this system wouldn’t choke so badly. Any one with similar config have any idea how to overcome this issue? Particular build of sonarr/radrr ect?



You could enable a swap with:

sudo touch /enable_swap and see if this improves things.