Output 5.1 from Vero over S/PDIF with TrueHD / DTS MA source

Having tried to do this via my Windows 10 PC which also has an S/PDIF optical out and not getting very far, I thought I’d give it a go on my Vero4k

Source: BluRay / 4k BluRay ISO with Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD-MA soundtrack.
Optical out to a Sony multichannel all-in-one receiver.

The receiver has HDMI but doesn’t support 4k so I have the HDMI out from the Vero going direct to the TV and the Audio going out via the optical as a way to get surround sound.

Only problem is that on pretty much any HD multichannel format, I only get 2ch PCM audio.

I have checked the configuration on the Vero side and it’s set to passthrough, 5.1 speaker setup, but the only time I can ever get a DD/DTS working on the Sony is when the source is a lossy AC-3/DTS.

My understanding is that TrueHD and DTS HD-MA always have the core lossy compressed format as a fallback so I would expect that to be passed through the optical, but it looks like it’s not working.

Any suggestions?


Channels 2.0
Passthrough enabled
AC3 enabled
AC3 transcoding enabled
DTS and DTS core can be enabled if your AVR supports that
All other passthrough modes disabled

TOSLINK only has two PCM channels so that is your limitation on uncompressed.

Thank you. Somehow I missed the re encoding option.
All working now!

You might also consider using some kind of HDMI splitter which sends video to one output and audio to the other; or alternatively one that can downscale video to 1080p on one output. That way you can send 4K video to the television and HD audio to the receiver at the same time.

If the television is a relatively modern one and supports eARC, and the receiver also supports that, using that might work too.