Overclock Steps Request

Hello! So, first I’d like to say that I am not specifically utilizing the Vero device, but rather the Vero image tweaked to install on my Cubox i4 Pro v2 (sold on newegg for a short time, comes pre-clocked at 1.2ghz/core.)

One thing I’ve noticed is, I cannot seem to find a good way through OSMC to overclock the box as you can in Pi, meaning no setting in the My OSMC program addon, nor a “config” type file in the boot partition.

Anyone done this? If anyone has done this on a Vero, I would imagine it’d be the same process as on the Vero.

Don’t do that.

The CuBox-i4 at 1.2Ghz stopped selling for a reason. Those speeds are not sustainable in that enclosure. There have been numerous reports of the device going above 86C and then locking up or crashing. Overclocking will more than likely render your device useless. 1.2Ghz is healthy.

OSMC is not officially supported for i.MX6 yet, so you’re on your own here for now. Clock speed is set up in mach-imx6/ code and is not configurable as an argument or from userspace.

Exercise caution.


Thanks for the direct response Sam, as well as the in-depth explanation. I’ll admit, I’ve done very little research in the ways of i.MX6, and all input is appreciated.

If I may ask (as everyone else has, broken record) what kind of timeframe are we looking at in regards to an official release for the cubox-i?

And while I have your attention, I’d just like to express how impressive the entire OSMC project has been. You and the team you’ve got around you are the entire reason I’ve switched to the HTPC world via the Rpi 1 and 2 release of OSMC. Thank you for all of the work you put in to making a Kodi install as user-friendly and remarkably responsive as it’s ever been - in my humble opinion.