ownCloud on Vero?

Hi all,

I’m very tempted to install ownCloud on my Vero as an alternative to using Dropbox (which I’ve been using for years).

Before I embark on this quest, I just wondered whether anyone else has already done this successfully?
And if so, any tips/pitfalls to avoid?

My setup consists of the Vero connected directly to a USB harddrive (NTFS-formatted). This is currently used as the source for my entire media collection, but as there’s tons of space currently unused, I feel this would be a worthwhile project (assuming nobody has any Nightmare tales! :flushed:)

Either way, I may hold-off if @sam_nazarko is considering ownCloud as a potential Add-on for OSMC! :wink:

Many thanks.

Hi there is an easier more lightweight app called syncthing thats totally workable for vero if you dont want a whole webserver on your vero


and yes it is possible to install owncloud on Vero

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Hi @Liquidream I’ve done it - it’s no so hard but you must use different filesystem because NTFS doesn’t support Unix file permissions and soft/hard links. :wink:

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You can install it on the Vero. Mind the default port, or change the port the Kodi webserver runs on.

I want to add it to the App Store, but want to work out how to handle updates to it first


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Thanks all for your suggestions! :smile:

…and thanks for the heads-up @WizziLalev!

So, in your opinion, is it just not gonna work with NTFS full-stop, unless I change to something like ext4?
Or am I just not going to be able to support certain features (like permissions to certain folders, etc?)

(PS. I came across this post suggesting a way around this by using fstab entry, or was he talking rubbish? :wink:)

SyncThing is fantastic (like Bittorrent Sync) but ONLY does syncing, nothing else. @Liquidream clearly states he wants to use an alternative to Dropbox. Syncthing has no way of letting you view, select and download files on demand since it is only a 2-way p2p syncing service.

I use Syncthing and I love it. But I am also planning on installing Owncloud as alternative to the known cloud services.

Syncthing takes care of syncing while Owncloud is a UI on every device to view my files, search through them and manually select a file (and accounts/permissions).

So you cannot replace services like Dropbox (in my case Copy.com) with Syncthing alone. Syncthing is definitely better than those services, but you will need something like Owncloud to take care of everything else besides syncing.

BTW you CAN use Owncloud with NTFS drives. Linux does not do file permissions on NTFS but that does not mean Owncloud won’t work.

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Thank you @zilexa for highlighting those differences.
As you say, Dropbox is more than just a sync engine and I do currently use the Web and iOS clients now and then to manage my content.
(PS. Also good to hear that NTFS isn’t a show-stopper! :wink: )

Did some more digging into NTFS in combination with Linux and Owncloud.
IS possible: mounting your whole drive and setting permissions on that one mountpoint (being the whole drive). Makes sense because the mountpoint itself can be on the SD card which is EXT4.
IS NOT possible: setting permissions per file/dir within your drive since this is NTFS.

Perhaps I’ll just wait till Sam has finished the app and then play around with it :slight_smile:

@sam_nazarko would the future Owncloud app also install nginx?

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