Package manger broken after update?

All of our orders for Iran have been via Bank Transfer in the past. I am sure that whomever supplied you with a Pi in Iran can get you a TSOP.

I have heard from many people that do run TSOPs off the 5V line and have yet to hear of one damaging their Pi officially it’s a no no but but if you choose to risk it then it’s your Pi.


I could run it on 5v in RPI3 but no luck with RPI2 . do you happen to know which pi version they used?

No, I didn’t pay that much attention but it seems to pre date the Pi 3

I managed to get my hands on tsop 34856 and it receives pulses like a charm. I just need to train it : )

I am having trouble learning the remote. irrecord fails to detects my remote’s encoding. I fear that it is my remote’s fault. I m using a samsung tv remote from 5 6 years ago. the osmc conf file for samsung did not work

See if something here can help LIRC - Linux Infrared Remote Control

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thanks ill check those.