Pairing Apple Airpods with Vero 1

The pairing fails every time. Any tips anyone? They show nicely as Duncan’s Airpods but when I connect the pairing fails, with or without PIN.

Thanks in advance,


Assuming you want to use it for A2DP purposes, you would need to enable the experimental A2DP support first. But this may cause issues with HDMI playback. We are working on improving this in the near future.

Thanks Sam. I will try this. Would be great if it works then my Vero 1 can move upstairs and I will buy a Vero 3 when it’s available :wink:!

Thanks for the response Sam,

Installed. Used bluetoothctl to pair works fine. AirPods connect for a moment then the connection fails. Also after trusting, reconnecting, re-pairing, deleting etc. I use OSMC Krypton RC3 on the Vero1. OSMC sound settings shows playing over Airpods but as the connection isn’t there it nicely plays over the Home Cinema.

Playback is fine, except for playback crashes, but that also had this before installing AD2P etc. Also before and after the playback you stopped is still on the screen. So if there are black bars in the next video, there is also the last screen of the previous video showing in these black bars as a still image. Screensaver turns on and off again in 15 seconds. Also pre A2DP. Load during playback in top is about 20 percent.

After the installation the playback is still fine but the navigation in Estuary is very sluggish and the sound comes a little late.

I connected my Bose Mini Soundlink II and pairing went fine, connecting went fine, playback works for music, takes a while to sync and bleep and then it is fine. Does work for video playback but oooout of sync.

Not much you can do I think, but nice to see and hear that work is being done on this. If I can help in any way let me know.

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Hi Duncan

Work is ongoing with improving Bluetooth streaming.

Is this via AirPods, or do they not work at all?

Check passthrough settings.

I don’t have AirPods, but if you have another pair of A2DP earphones, it would be interesting to test with those.

As you say – we are working on BT audio. Things may well improve for AirPods in turn


Sorry should have been a little more precise. The video playback crashes sometimes but that was already happening before installing A2DP support. I havent been able to get any sound out of the AirPods.

I will check with my colleagues to see if anyone has other A2DP earphones.

Wow you are fast. Keep up the good work Sam! It’s appreciated!


Hi Duncan

Is there a way I can replicate this crash without AirPods?

It sounds from your description you’re experiencing a crash when playing videos independent of any BT streaming.

If this is the case, it warrants a new post and I’ll gladly look at this. There shouldn’t be any crashes when you try and play something.


I’ll make a new post for that. Crux is that it isn’t very consistent in crashing. I’ll explain in the new post :smiley: