Pairing Harmony Elite hub/remote

Having problems with pairing my new Vero 5 to my Harmony Elite hub/remote via blutooth. I get the Harmony Keyboard popping up with discovery but when i try to connect to it i get the following error:

Unhandled exception caught see log for details.

Anybody else having these issues and or have any ideas as to how i rectify them. Thanks in advance.

I also uploaded the logs to OSMC but couldnt copy the logs to a sd card. The Vero said it copied the results but when i ejected the card and examined it on my PC there were no files.

I assume this was the issue you initially experienced in the other thread.

From the suggestion that you reinstalled and tried to upload logs to an SD card, I’m guessing this system is offline and can’t get updates via the internet.

An update would have resolved this and the issue has been fixed in newer versions of OSMC



Ok it finally pIred with my Harmony elite hub/remote. Not sure what happened but it finally paierd after multiple attempts over the last few days. I had saw some reference to an earlier posting that mentioned you might have to try a numner of times before it is sucessful. Well it was over multiple times over the last few days before it finally paired successfully. Anyhow it now works. Great.

Glad to hear it.