Panasonic N2QAYB001010 lirc config file


Attached is an LIRC config file for the Panasonic remote N2QAYB001010 (Panasonic Vierra TX50DX700B) as I wasnt able to find any other fully (or even mostly) working config files on the internet.

Every single button on the remote has been allocated (including the apps, netflix and home buttons) with kodi functions so you can reprogram any button you desire.

So for example there is no kodi equivalent for the AUX button so i’ve set it to ANGLE and if you want to change it to something more useful you can do it using the keymap editor addon (but Ive also included the relevant key code, where applicable)

This TV does support CEC so this may not be terribly useful for anyone else, but on my setup the IR reciever on the TV is kind of blocked so I can place the Vero one in a better place.

Unfortunately these arent hex codes, they are raw, if anyone knows how to convert them give me a shout.

Thanks for this.

Can you take a photo of it on a piece of paper? Then it can be included in My OSMC (see My OSMC -> Remotes for some examples)



Take a photo of the remote sitting on a piece of paper?

Is that what you mean?

Yes, so that it can be added to MyOSMC as the other remotes.

Ahh gotcha, I thought you meant the config file and was like, what?!

Ok image attached.

Yo, fyi my config file I uploaded to sourceforge, ive commented out the power button because i dont think its really useful as it turns just turns vero off.

So would I just copy this into /etc/lirc and it will appear in MyOSMC?


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