Panasonic or Sony?

I’m thinking of upgrading this year and I’m keen on buying a Sony TV.
The problem is, Sony doesn’t support HDR10+, which I think is the direction Vero is going (either thru update or another model).
Panasonic seems to have both Dolby Vision & HDR10+ but I’m hesitant to commit because Sony seems to have better PQ ( or they have really good demo videos).
What do you think I should do? HDR10+ seems to have very few choices for good brands. Either Samsung or Panasonic.

Is sony still insisting on using Android as the OS as that was very unstable in earlier models I had seen>?

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@pinn73 Yes they’re still using Android but I’m using a Vero already so TV’s OS is irrelevant to me.

I don’t mean to play files. Even navigating Tv guide, settings was tortuous on the version I saw. If you look on HDTVtest, some of the best rated TVs are the Pannys

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For TV-related questions I recommend (UK-oriented) or (US-oriented).

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If you want to watch Netflix it is not irrelevant, because the Vero can not do 4k Netflix. But it is working fine on my Sony TV… don’t know about Panasonic.

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Thanks @pinn73. I did see hdtvtest give a good review on the Panasonic gz950

Thanks @angry.sardine I’ll dive into those :smile:

@Rito_Bear true, but worst case is I just buy an extra Chromecast. So my main concern is HDR10+ and picture quality of screen

Panasonic GZ950 vs Sony AG9 (A9G) OLED TV Comparison: Panasonic GZ950 vs Sony AG9 (A9G) OLED TV Comparison - YouTube

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Some okay deals on Sony here if you are in the UK: Sony TV Deals ⇒ Cheap Price, Best Sales in UK - hotukdeals

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From what I have seen and read I wouldn’t Even consider a Sony unless you plan to watch a lot non hd and 1080i cable tv on your 4k tv

Panasonic or LG are blowing Sony out of the water this year in pretty much every other aspect

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Panasonic is probably the best brand for HDR since they have TVs with both HDR10+ and DolbyVision. Samsung only support HDR10(+). The drawback is that not all apps are available, and you want apps on the tv to do 4k HDR netflix, Amazon prime, Disney+ and all else that you use. The vero doesn´t do 4k hdr netflix, and probably not the other ones either.

Samsung have removed the DTS support from their 2018 and newer TV:s so you can’t get any type of DTS audio out from the TV (apps).

Panasonic is known for making really good TV:s with perhaps the best picture quality that can be had, if you aim to spend big bucks.

Sony makes good TV:s perhaps not Panasonic great but is in some instances better value. The best part is the android tv os which means that you’ll probably get apps that work for the TV.

If you want cheap then samsung probably wins but it seems like their 2019 line is not as good as the 2018 line. the advantage of samsung is that most release apps for them.

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Thanks @pinn73 @k2u3 & @tommyhome :smile:

@pinn73 unfortunately I’m not in UK :slightly_frowning_face: