Partition noobs or delete partition

i’ve a sd with 32 gb with installed with noobs , raspbian and osmc.
the memory on partition with osmc is low and i would like to delete the partion with rapbian or decrement the partition with raspbian to increase the partition with osmc.
is it possible to dimension the partition??
thank a lot

This is not recommended and not easy increase on noobs. If you can do without raspbian suggestion is you backup from within MyOSMC and d a fresh install with the OSMC installer and then playback the backup

yes ok but on osmc partition i’ve not only osmc but webserver , and other package. so i guest if ther is a method to encrease partition or try to eliminate the partition with raspbian to recover much more space.

It is possible - but lots of detail to understand, and risky.
If you understand enough to do it fairly safely, then you don’t need it spelling out by us.

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i’ve made a backup copy and this afternoon i try with gparted. before i try to reduce and if work try to eliminate raspbian partition

Good luck

with gpart i’ve resolved partitionig raspbian less dimension and more osmc