Party Mode music lock up

I frequently use my OSMC setup (Pi2) to listen to music. The last couple of days OSMC freezes after a few songs on party mode. The problem seems to be with Kodi itself, as restarting mediacenter restores things.

I grabbed debug logs, but was unable to upload them (probably because filesize is too big… kodi.old.log is 90MB. This was from a fresh reboot to lockup, so this is all new messages from the lockout!)

osmc@osmc:~$ grab-logs -A
Exception Details:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/grab-logs", line 636, in dispatch_logs
    raise ValueError('Upload Returned Empty String')
ValueError: Upload Returned Empty String

Failed to upload log files, copying to /boot instead. (Unable to verify)

Could this be related to: OSMC Freezing Missing Banners Thumbnails unresponsive UI current + Krypton versions RPi1 2 3 - #135 by sam_nazarko

Is there any way I can provide useful information, if I cannot upload logs? Perhaps a particular extract from ‘/boot/uploadlog.txt’?

Our server won’t let you upload a 90MB log. Kodi.old.log is part of grab logs.

I will make the next update available to a few users in advance via PM. I’ll drop you a line. I’d like to know if things are improved


thanks @sam_nazarko I’d be happy to test an alternative that you think might help.

I left OSMC running overnight on PartyMode, trying to trigger lock up again. It was not frozen when I checked in the morning, but the music had stopped and it seemed to have rebooted itself. I want to bed just before midnight, and the first song playing was something by Toni Braxton. I can see this in kodi.old.log, which is why I think the system had its own reboot (possibly due to internal error?)

Debug logs here:

Another full lockup :frowning:

Debug logs here:

I noticed the last line in the log (and in my previous log) has to do with Music Visualization. I thought Music Visualization no longer works, so is it causing some issue, or is that just a coincidence?

06:32:48 26146.826172 T:1829393392 DEBUG: script.module.osmcsetting.updates : - blurp 649 - MusicVisualisation.xml

That line is nothing to do with your problem. That is the MyOSMC settings addon sending a periodic “ping” to the log file which includes the name of the currently displayed Kodi screen - in your case MusicVisualisation.xml.

If you check your log for “blurp” you’ll see these logged periodically.

@berto – check PM