Passthrough interlaced video

(This has been discussed before; but I think the last time was more than two years ago, so hopefully it’s okay to bring it up again!)

It would be nice if the Vero 4K could output 480i, 576i and 1080i video files actually as 480i, 576i and 1080i, instead of requiring 480p, 576p or 1080p output, thus allowing the use of an external deinterlacer.

Those HDMI modes are supported (kind of), but there’s no way to switch to 480i and 576i; and switching to 1080i output has to be done at system level with resolution/refresh-rate switching disabled; and even if you do that, the video output isn’t actually the original interlaced video fields - internally the Vero is deinterlacing and then re-interlacing again rather than passing the video through untouched.

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Honestly i think thats a great idea. I think Librelec has something like that but im not fully sure. Sorry the osmc developers have not said anything about your post. Mine still pending and still no replies yet.