Passthrough not working in 19.1? (solved)

Another one here that had Stereo Upmix selected :joy:

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Good thing we got it sorted :slight_smile: still, guess it counts as a bug as this shouldn’t affect passthrough on non-stereo audio imo

That’s the one that did it for me. Thanks!

Just another upvote for disabling Stereo Upmix.

Oddly I wasn’t having any problems with audio, I was then doing some toggling of MPEG2 Acceleration to try and resolve another issue and after that I started having this problem. Even after I reset the acceleration back to the old settings, the audio problem didn’t clear.

When a faulty file was playing I did find I could open the Audio dialogue box of the playing video and toggle passthrough off and on again and the audio would then begin. The next time I played the file the problem would come back.

Thanks for this thread and solution. It worked for me, adjusting the stereo upmix. I thought it was initially a wonky film file as it was new, then non had sound and the device was crashing so thought the hard drive might need defragging. Then I remember the update and played with a few settings until this worked.

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My Denon has an info screen buried in the menu system as well that allows me to verify exactly what it sees for input format.

I was having the same problem as OP, and think the tip about turning off stereo upmix “solved” it… But curious about your Denon receiver specifically. I recently got a Denon S960H. Starting having this problem with this receiver, did not have it with Kodi 19 on OSMC with my previous (old Pioneer) receiver. First, how do you get to that info screen to see the audio input format? Second isn’t there any auto function, so the playback “mode” matches the input? If so how to set that?

I turned stereo upmix off now the audio is back to normal

This worked for me as well, but why? And wouldn’t we want stereo upmix to work with passthru?

It wouldn’t make any sense. Passthrough means the signal isn’t touched.

setup menu>general>information>audio>

As for the audio mode switching I just use the Denon App on my phone to switch modes when needed and don’t worry about it.

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It wouldn’t make any sense. Passthrough means the signal isn’t touched.

Right, but the stereo upmix section is a separate section from the passthrough section. (so it’s weird turning off that feature/setting affects passthrough at all.) I assume the purpose is if the original audio source is just stereo, it wouldn’t send it passthrough at all, rather it would upmix it to multichannel.