Password while trying to mount network HSS


I updated OSMC on my Raspberry Pi. As usual after the updates I mount my network Western Digital Drive. I usually use “password”. But it is giving me a message “unable to find suitable address”. I pinged the IP of the drive and it was pined successfully. Any suggestions on what could be wrong or how to fix ?


How do you mount the drive? Provide debugging logs.

Hello I use the below command from PUTTY after logging in as osmc.

sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt/sharedmovies

Sorry not an expert, so not sure how to access the debugging logs.

Can you point me to how to access and I will try to get it.

Please see

But in your case where you manually mount it just give the output of that mount operation and maybe grab-logs -J


The issue is resolved.

I restarted the router and the network HDD. Mounted the public drive from windows explorer. THe private drive reconnected by itself. Ran the mount commands from putty and they mounted this time.

I have not had this issue before. So am not sure what caused this.

However thank you for your response to my request for help. Appreciate it.