Pause before play


This seems to be quite a long standing issue where any file has a delay of 5-10 seconds before playback. The issue is temporarily resolved by running: rm -r .kodi/temp/*

Is there a fix for this in the pipeline?


Any Forum Thread or Github ticket on this?

Unless you have to switch resolution/framerate and your TV is slow this should not happen.
Only other reason would be a slow network and it takes so long to fill the buffer or you increased the buffer to extreme.

Sure. There’s multiple going back years on here - one where you post the aforementioned fix Slow video start up - #24 by fzinken

This is local playback and before framerate switching.

As mentioned, clearing temp files fixes this

Than I don’t understand why you open a new thread.
As written in that thread the reason is the backup script not correctly finishing the backup job so that is what the focus would then need to be on

Rather than bumping a 2 year old thread which hasn’t been resolved, I thought it would be better to highlight via a new thread, especially as its happening on the new hardware.

So going back to to my original question, if you are aware it’s a backup issue, is a fix being looked at?


It isn’t so much a backup issue than it is an issue that the occasional person has an issue with their backup location and it causes the files to get stuck in Kodi’s temp directory and triggers this problem. Even if you “fixed” the issue by deleting these files you have still open the issue that your backup didn’t go where it was intended and deleting backups as an automated task isn’t an option that should be made for a user anyway. Any improvement here would probably come in the form of additional feedback of the failure and an option to delete but that would require updates to the My OSMC add-on. The dev that works on that I believe is a bit busy with life at the moment but I will post a link to this thread where he will see it.


Off the back off your message, I did double check the location and it is a valid path.

Happy to hear it’s on the roadmap anyway.


I didn’t say it was a matter of users not having a valid path. I can recall there was one user recently who did a backup after changing location but before restarting Kodi which caused an issue. I reported to the add-on dev that there exists currently this bug that the path is not updating immediately. There was another recently where IIRC a user was using a UNC path that for some reason was causing an issue but was fixed by pointing it to a system mount. From memory the issue has come up maybe two or three times otherwise in the past couple years on this forum. Obviously it isn’t ideal that there is ever an issue but the number of affected users seem to be pretty small.

I didn’t say it was on the roadmap, I said I reported it where our add-on dev would see it. I have no idea what he will want to do with this information or what a potential proposed solution would look like to the people making the decisions.