Pause before playing with latest release

Since either the 2019.05.01 or 2019.05.02 release I’ve noticed a delay between clicking on a video to play it and playback starting. This is somewhere between four and ten seconds.

It’s worth noting that:

  • I’m using a Vero 4K+, which connects to a QNAP NAS for media
  • This delay seems to happen with a range of different videos
  • I hadn’t experienced this delay previously
  • Once playback starts there are no issues with lagging or buffering

I’ve uploaded my logs at - please let me know if you need any more info …

Many thanks,

Sorry to bump this but just wondered if anyone else has seen this issue or could suggest anything I could try to diagnose please?

Seems to be 6 seconds of doing nothing here:

2019-06-14 07:46:53.577 T:3795813088   DEBUG: Library Data Provider: Total time needed for all queries: 0:00:01.103189
2019-06-14 07:46:59.738 T:4065226752   DEBUG: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(smb://modusapp/Multimedia/Videos/TV/Catch-22/Season 1/Catch-22 - S01E01 - Episode 1.mkv)

It could be slow DNS resolution. Maybe replacing modusapp with it’s IP would help.

Thanks for the suggestion @bmillham. To try this out I:

  • Created a new profile
  • Added a new source specifying the IP for the NAS instead of the domain name and manually typed in a path to a directory containing a few TV shows
  • Clicked on one of the shows

Unfortunately I’m still seeing a significant pause between clicking on the show name and the playback starting - I couldn’t discern any difference in the pause when viewing on a source specified by IP vs domain name.

Any other suggestions please?

Looks like Kodi needs a while to buffer.
I’d check network throughput


Thanks Sam - I’ve run iperf from the Vero towards the NAS with the following results:
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Retr
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 95.7 MBytes 80.2 Mbits/sec 0 sender
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 93.8 MBytes 78.7 Mbits/sec receiver

and then re-ran with -u and got the following:
[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Jitter Lost/Total Datagrams
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 1.25 MBytes 1.05 Mbits/sec 1.851 ms 0/160 (0%)
[ 4] Sent 160 datagrams

I’m not sure if these results are or good or bad? Not sure if it makes any difference but opening the same video from VLC on my Mac is instantaneous.

I can see you have a 4K (which is limited to 100Mbps).
What’s the bitrate of the file?


Hi Sam - mediainfo reports the overall bitrate as 5,737 kb/s


Can you try iperf3 instead of iperf? It more accurate. Run it twice, once like you normally would and a second time with the -R option. This tests transfers in both directions.

Sure - here you go …

[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Retr
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 70.4 MBytes 59.0 Mbits/sec 0 sender
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 68.8 MBytes 57.7 Mbits/sec receiver

and with -R

[ ID] Interval Transfer Bandwidth Retr
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 42.1 MBytes 35.3 Mbits/sec 381 sender
[ 4] 0.00-10.00 sec 40.3 MBytes 33.8 Mbits/sec receiver

Those speeds are really slow. You should be seeing >90M/s both directions.

Thanks @bmillham - I’ll do some investigation …

@gordon is using WLAN so that explains the values a bit.