PC to Vero 4K+ ethernet connection

Hello. First of all I want to say that I am a complete newbie, so please try and keep things as simple as possible for me if you can!

Until recently I owned a Popcorn C200 media player with internal hard drive. I loved that machine! My needs were simple; I just wanted to download TV shows from the internet onto my PC and then transfer the files over an ethernet connection to the hard drive on my player to watch at a later date. Not interested in streaming/Netflix/Amazon etc. (yet!).

So my question about the Vero 4K+ is; can I connect my PC to this with a wired ethernet connection and transfer files to it without to watch at a later date without much fuss or technical know-how?

A friend loaned me a A95X Max II android TV bix but this was an awful device that I found almost impossible to perform the simple task of connecting to my PC to share files. I’ve been recommended the Vero 4K+ as I want to be able to play 4K content and also x265 files (which my C200 could not do) but being able to connect to my PC without too much fuss to transfer files is the most important thing to me presently.

Would the Vero 4K+ suit my needs?

Yes, just install the Samba Server from the App Store

Yes Vero4k will fulfil that needs.

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Be aware that the Vero has USB 2.0 ports, so transfer speeds to the drive connected to the Vero won’t be as fast as you might assume.

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I wouldn’t be using USB. I’d be transferring files over the Ethernet connection (hopefully!).

Vero has 16GB internal storage - not enough to store lots of videos. You can stream content from your PC over ethernet or transfer it to a HDD connected to Vero with USB 2.0 and play it from there. Either is fast enough for any content that Vero can play.

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The Vero 4K+ doesn’t have much internal storage; so, if you want to store the files “on” the Vero, you would also need to buy a separate hard drive and connect it to the Vero. It would either have to be mains powered, or (if it draws power via USB) you would need a powered USB hub in between the Vero and it. Or alternatively it could be a stand-alone device accessed via Ethernet.

However, the simpler solution would be to just keep the files on the PC, and have the Vero read them off the PC’s hard drive via Ethernet.

Getting the Vero to talk to the PC via Ethernet is easy enough; you probably don’t want to connect the Vero and the PC together directly, though, you probably want to connect both of them to your broadband router.

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Any Samba app in particular? I tried a couple on the A95X but they wouldn’t run because the it needed to be rooted.

The Vero is not an Android based device. So when I wrote “App Store” I actually meant the OSMC App Store which provides some special addition preconfigured for OSMC.
So you will not have any such problems as before.

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Ah, great! Thanks for the info.

I’m a little bit confused here. So what is it you actually want to do? Transfering the downloaded files to the Vero’s storage (internal/external) or do you want to stream the files, which means your PC has to be running while you are watching any content.