PCM2704 USB DAC Soundcard - Video/Sound lag LIVE TV

Hello! I bought a PCM2704 USB DAC soundcard for my Raspberry pi for couple of weeks ago. It worked perfect in raspbmc and other linux systems in both LIVE TV (vu+/enigma2) and video streaming (Genesis). Now i installed OSMC and put in the PCM2704 USB DAC card to the usb and it works perfect when im streaming series or movies in video addons but when im trying to watch LIVE TV the video and audio lags and stuttering and the picture goes from 16:9 to 4:3 and it looks awful… When im changing back to HDMI sound in settings LIVE TV works perfect. Is there someone who knows how to fix this problem that looks like its only in OSMC?

Is there no one to help?

Trash binned for reference to banned addons.