PCTV Quatro Stick OSMC RPI2


I read that PCTV Quatro Stick 520e works on OpenELEC for DVB-T and DVB-C Link and that analog part (S-video) is not supported yet.

  1. Does anyone know If new PCTV Quatro Stick 522e works with RPI2 OSMC?
  2. PCTV Quatro Stick 522e have also UKV FM radio. Can I also listen FM radio on RPI2 OSMC?


probably since it was included in the linux kernel at 3.17

  • Add support for PCTV QuatroStick 522e

Great! But is it possible to listen FM Radio too?

Actually, I don’t have any experience with Live TV. Are FM Radio channels included in the same channel list as DBV-T (TV and radio) in TVheadend or is this separated channel list?


have no idea you have to look at the documentation for the device provided by the company.

Thanks for your help but I think we dint’t understand. I’m asking if:

  1. FM Radio works in TVHeadend because I read, that analog part is not supported by the linux driver yet?
  2. in TVHeadend there is a list of digital TV and digital radio channels provided by DVB-T tuner (usb stick).If USB stick supports also FM radio… will FM radio stations be also in the same list?