Pellucid Skin Search Function Missing on Vero 4K+ latest update

Hi there,

Wonder if anyone else is using the Pellucid Skin on Vero 4K+ on latest version of build, I haven’t been able to find the search function, is this something that needs to be added in separately, if so can someone please let me know how ?

I would expect it to be where you press Left button on library view and the menu appears from the left hand side of the screen, currently I see Moves, TV Shows, Viedo Addons, Playlist and Files only


Does the search option appear after entering Movies or TV Shows perhaps?

No it doesnt, is anyone else here able to change their skin to Pellucid and see if the search function appears (maybe I am doing something incorrectly )

I would suggest contacting the skin developer.

Thanks Sam, have done so but no response, just wondered if someone else could select the pellucid skin and report back if they get the same missing search function, it seems quite an integral part to be missing.

I loaded it on my Linux Mint system and there is no search feature that I can see. Looks like a skin issue to me.

EDIT: I did find the search feature, but it’s not really obvious how to get to it.

Did you find it on the left hand side of the screen where the hidden menu pops out from ? I dont have it on there.

Yes, I had to click left twice to see it.

Thanks, that’s exactly where I expected to see it as I saw some screenshots online and noticed it there, for some reason it doesn’t show up on the Vero4K, or at least on my install. Anyone here with a Vero4K kind enough to test out the pellucid skin and report back if they see the search function ?

Same problem here : Pellucid hidden menus don’t show up on Vero4k+ :frowning:

Just solved by adding extension “Skin Shortcuts”,
as advised in similar post : Customize Home Menu - #3 by nvdias


Thanks Sebastien,

I had given up previously on this one and then managed to get the “search” option to show up in the hidden menu by installing a few other skins first ( but hadn’t go round to figuring out what it was that was exactly making it work). I can only gather that the other skin installs the “skin shortcuts” for pellucid to show the “search” option.

Appreciate the response