Performance Question NAS + Vero

as it is time to upgrade my home network i was wondering which NAS to buy.
I was looking for a Synology RS816, but i am not sure if it has enough power.
The CPU is a dual core CPU with 1.80GHz and 1 GB of RAM and i would like to access the video files from 3-4 Veros devices.
Maybe it is a stupid question, but i was wondering if trancoding is done by the NAS or by my Vero2?
I manly have 1080p content and use the NAS as a data vault and maybe - but not yet sure - NextCloud.
thanks, nobo

NAS = network attached storage (evenso many now offer more features) so normally the NAS will just provide the original file to OSMC as any external hard disk would. Which means OSMC has to transcode or whatever else to do.
But I am not sure if you mean decode or transcode. As generally no transcoding would take place.

thanks for the answer. maybe i got it totally wrong. i tought there is quite some performance needed to display for example mkv or ts files as theese are container files. but i guess when the nas is seen as an external storage it should be strong enough for my needs.

The NAS provides the file for the Vero to display.
The usual bottleneck here the NAS/Network not delivering the data fast enough. Usually WiFi is bad, 54Mbps are barely enough to deliver decent 720p from experience.

I had a SS-839Pro back in time, powered with a 1.6Ghz Atom CPU and 2GB Ram and it worked fine - especially over Ethernet (1Gbps).

  1. I don’t now.
    1.1) Maybe yes or no
    1.2) Take a look to your network design.
    1.3) How many streams you will records,
    1.4) how many records you replay in the same time .
    1.5) what you do see also in your “home” network.

And some answers.

  1. Synology it’s a a good choice, for me.
  2. If you can update Ram tomorrow it’s a good choice
  3. free slots insight the NAS it’s every time a good choice (but it’s also your money) Don’t forget that you don’t need to buy immediate one HD for each slots
  4. perhaps it’s better to buy a “greater” NAS ( number of slots) with 2 or 4 TO discs, then you can update your disc space. Nobody know it for you, ( For me in 16 months i update from EMC/Iomega 12 TO to Synology basicly 26 TO, and now I change old EMC Iomega DD 2TO to new HD 6TO)
  5. and after you take a look to your Network design.
  6. perhaps you also ask @Sam_Nazarko to have the next Vero Y with WOL.
    It’s a lot of stuff, if you will I can try to explain some things better.