Performance vs Raspberry Pi 3?


Besides the RAM size, how does the arm processor perform for example e.g.1080p mkvs compared to an Apple TV 1 + CHD? 3D? Navigation? Anybody done the switch and can give his subjective impression?


The GUI will be much more fluid than the AppleTV.

3D will work well.

RPi1 (and the zero as well I assume) is a good step up from the apple tv. And RPi2 is a noticable upgrade from RPi1. And RPi3 is a noticable upgrade from RPi2 again. I’ve not tried this myself, but I think RPi3 is better at H.265 playback than RPi2. For just GUI and navigation RPi2 works fine, and RPi3 even finer. RPi3 is a huge leap ahead from the old apple tv.