Permanent Rainbow after recent update

I have a small problem with my Raspi2, I performed an update this morning (there seems to have been a lot of little updates recently) and now the low current rainbow is permenantly showing in the corner.

This happens during playback as well as the menu, actually it fades out on the menu, reappearing when I press any button on my iOS remote (my main form of interaction)

I’m using the official power adaptor, and it’s been working great so I doubt that’s the issue. (This is not a new setup, it’s been working great for months/years)

Also when I try to install transmission in the App Store it appears to go through the motions but then comes up with an error saying “Some packages were not installed/removed. details have been written to the Kodi log” I’ve added this just in case it’s a related issue somehow.

If the low voltage coloured rainbow is showing up then the voltage is dropping too low, there’s nothing the software can do that would cause the symbol to appear when the voltage is not low, so you definitely have a low voltage issue for whatever reason.

(The symbol appears when a hardware voltage comparator sends a signal on a GPIO pin to the GPU firmware which displays the symbol - all completely outside of the control of the Linux OS)

The total power drain can vary based on software demands, overclock and so on, so a change to the power demands of the software could push a marginal setup over the edge, but at the end of the day it is still a hardware issue.

What USB devices do you have connected and what overclock setting are you using ?

I don’t suppose you are using the sdhost test kernel posted in another thread ? A change was made to that kernel which results in the CPU being put into turbo mode whenever there is disk activity (eg much more often) which would increase power demands, but unless you have manually installed that kernel it won’t be affecting you.

As mentioned in this thread, the transmission app in the App store is not currently working:

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

I only have a simple USB keyboard plugged into my pi2 as I use a NAS for all my content. I have now unplugged the keyboard and the rainbow is still there ( although it seems to pulse rather than stay consistently on)

I also have have my over clock settings on normal as everything was working great and I had no need to push the pi.

Going by your information, it seems the issue isn’t going to be software related.

With regards to transmission not working, I was aware of this but the last posting in the thread confirming this was 2 weeks ago and when I try to install transmission I get this error, which I didn’t used to get, so I assumed something had changed, there used to be no alert at all it would just not work.

Possibly you have a faulty power supply or the plug/socket at the Pi is not making a good connection - most keyboards only draw 100mA (0.1 amps) at the most so if unplugging that has made the low voltage warning go from constant to flickering on and off it must be pretty marginal.

We recently fixed the App store in the OSMC settings addon to properly detect a failed install - previously it would always report success even if the app install didn’t actually succeed…(whoops)

The transmission app itself remains broken at the moment, mainly due to a lack of time to look at it as we are focusing all our efforts on getting Isengard ready for OSMC in time for it’s release, which is fairly soon. We will get the transmission app fixed as soon as we can though.