Permanently set view to list

Hello folks,

I use OSMC for quite a while now and am very cool with it so far. Only one thing annoys me a bit: I find the standard view of the video lists very confusing and hard to use (large thumbnail images and only one item headline per view). I like the simple plain list biew much more usable.

I set this option in lots of add ons now each and every time I reopen it. Is there any way to permanently set the view option to list?

Thanks in advance.

Bye The_Unknown

That is something that is configured and saved (or not) in the addon. You’ll have to consult with the addon developer on how to force the desired view.

Mhm, this is sad. Since this should be a thing the osmc core should handle. Aren’t this video lists a core component of osmc offered for add on developers? With solution being like it is now, the user depends on the add on dev to implement. Sad :frowning:

You mean Kodi… OSMC is not the problem here. Kodi provides for addons to handle their own functions in this regard. If you still have some issue, take it up with your addon dev’s and Kodi dev’s.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the hint.

The first section here may make things a bit clearer.