Permissions on SD card

I installed OSMC on a 64GB SD card using linux. I was hoping to use the extra space to store audio and video files. If I open the SD card using a reader on my linux box I cannot write files (it not recognize me as the author and does not grant write permission) Nor can I transfer them from a USB drive to the SD card .Itry to “Move File” from the file manager and get a “Cannot be completed” message.

I could just edit the partitions with Gparted and add a new one, but I feel that is an inelegant solution. Is there a way to get Read/Write permission on the current SD partition?


You should be able to do it with sudo - but you could also look to see what the ownership and permissions are on the folder into which you are trying to transfer files.

If you want to store media files on the SD card you should store them within the OSMC users home directory, eg /home/osmc/Movies /home/osmc/TV Shows and so on.

On OSMC, the osmc user is UID and GID 1000 - when you put the SD card into another Linux system it’s anyone’s guess what UID number you are logged in as and what user (if any) might map to UID 1000, as some systems start at 500.

So your best bet is to sudo to root, copy all the files into place, and then when you are finished, chown them to UID/GID 1000 before reinserting the card in the Pi. For example say your SD card was mounted at /media/osmc on your linux box:

chown -R 1000:1000 /media/osmc/home/osmc/Movies
chown -R 1000:1000 /media/osmc/home/osmc/TV Shows


Another way to do it would be to just install Samba and copy the files onto the drive through the network, that way they will automatically get the correct permissions.

Thanks for the user ID information. I think my major problem is that ubutnu 14.04 does not have ROOT as a default user for the GUI - and my typing is so awfull I rally prefer the GUI. The last time I copied large files over my network it took ages. Still, I could give it a try and see how long it takes.

You could try comparing speed of copying by samba against speed over sftp with a client such as Filezilla.

I have decided to try the SSH login, which I can. I login as osmc and get the osmc@osmc prompt. I can leek over files, but if I try to copy a file from my local machine to osmc@osmc:/Music of /home/Music I get a “No such directory error”. I really only know enough command line to get myself into trouble.

Oh well - I am able to access public Samba folders from the Pi. While it might be more convenient to copy files at my linux box to OSMC pi (while I am making/editing them) it is easier to do it the other way around. And while the files transfer more slowly over ethernet they go where I want them to go…


Are you trying to use scp from another Linux box ?

Try something like

scp Movies/* osmc@osmc.local:/home/osmc/Movies/

Obviously replace Movies/* with the correct path on your Linux box and you may need to replace osmc.local with the IP address of the Pi.

If you’re on windows download pscp, which works much the same.

Another alternative on Windows is to use Filezilla and connect using SFTP - just choose SFTP instead of FTP and choose port 22.