Persistent update error as of July 27

As of today I am getting a persistent update error when OSMC tries to go through one of its automatic updates.
I’m running OSMC 2015.6-1 on a raspb pi model B.
it goes through the downloading update thingy and then a short time later a dialogue pops up stating “OSMC Update Error. Error Installing. Please report this to the OSMC forum.”
No further info is provided in the error dialogue.
Clicking OK - then about 30 seconds later a further dialogue pops up stating “OSMC Updater - there are no updates available”

I have tried rebooting several times and running the updater manually but every time I am getting the same sequence of error dialogues.

Has there been some kind of bizarre update pushed out today that would be causing this error?
Not sure what further info to provide as the error dialogue is less than helpful.

Our APT update servers are down at the moment.

We’re looking into it.

thanks - I was just about to add my log but I guess it isn’t really necessary.

Try again now. Should be back up.

No longer getting the error message but getting the message “there are no updates available” - which makes me wonder what happened the first go round during the automatic update.
How do I actually tell if my system is up to date. Is the 2015.06-1 the only indicator?

There aren’t any new updates since last months release so it’s normal for you to get “there are no updates available”.

All that happened is the update servers went down and this wasn’t handled as well as it should have been by the My OSMC updater when it couldn’t connect to the servers. (The error message is a bit misleading)